approachThe Win-Win Approach to Performance

Your borrowers are unique. The property and your loan institution are also unique. That’s why Performance to Liquidity Asset Services creates solutions specific to each situation. Our approach excels through excellent and detailed communication. It begins with understanding the circumstances of a troubled loan and the specific position for the borrower. We understand there is a difference between homeowners, builders, developers and commercial property owners. We have the time and resources to connect with each of your customers to:

  • Provide creative one-on-one problem solving
  • Discuss solutions that work for the investor and that the borrower can support
  • Increase the likelihood of ongoing performance and limit to REO production

Most importantly, because of our win-win approach, we help maintain and strengthen customer loyalty. “Along with improving return on capital, we improve good will with your clients for the long term. And that’s always good business,” Jim Luckey, President – Performance to Liquidity Resources.

Performance to Liquidity Asset Services wants to deliver better results to your troubled loans. The sooner we connect with your customers, the better your bottom line. Let us help you increase loan performance, reduce foreclosures and mitigate the negative impact of REO inventory.

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