Special Credit Prevention Trumps REO Inventory

You WANT a way to keep loans performing…a way to avoid foreclosures. You NEED a solution that addresses troubled loans early, reduces foreclosure and intensely manages the REO Inventory which may develop.

That solution is here.

The Challenge of ForeclosureiStock_000002747382Medium

Loans don’t default overnight. Yet it often seems that way because by the time a troubled loan hits the radar, it’s too late. That means some solutions that could have kept a loan performing and out of foreclosure will no longer work. The result? More demand on your special credit department, more REO inventory and…bottom line…unnecessary cost. What you need is a more efficient way to intervene with troubled loans before default.

The Solution that Delivers

The ideal solution would be someone who could reach out to your borrowers and begin conversations BEFORE the first late payment. It would be a representative who connects with your loan customer on a one-to-one basis to assess the situation and design solutions. That’s Performance to Liquidity Asset Services. We enlist a cadre of experienced professionals with brokerage, legal, mitigation project management and insurance experience and we call on them in a way rarely found in the market place. Our solutions are creative, we stay with a loan file and never hand it off to “the next” department.

The Goal of Results Driven Support

Performance to Liquidity Asset Services can save you time, money and limit litigation by working with your customers to develop solutions. We have a great track record of solving problems before they reach special credit status. The success of our team approach is unique because we are involved before and after REO. Our goal is simple: to increase loan performance; reduce foreclosures, and manage REO as a profit center.

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